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My Ideal Malayalee Feast

Here’s it for me: Masala dosa with potato filling, vegetable pakoda, porotta, and some broast chicken. Here are some pictures I’ve pulled from the web: This is masala dosa with potato filling. Masala dosa is a crepe-like pancake made in India that, in this case, is crispy. It can be stuffed with all kinds ofContinue reading “My Ideal Malayalee Feast”

Intro to me

I like to be called Jubba or Jubbaman or Jubbaman DeWubba by friends, but my real/author name is Jayakrishnan Kottaram. I’m the son of two Malayalee immigrants, I’m a Shaivite Hindu, and I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. I’ve been writing stories since I was 7 years old, I’ve been trying toContinue reading “Intro to me”

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